We understand you.

Many of us have worked as event managers in international companies of various industries in Japan, we understand your needs and we will support you to achieve various business goals through events.

Our staff have done events across the globe, we understand the different ways event works in different lands; also the language skills and various nationalities in house taught us to utilize, and more importantly, to be aware of cultural differences.

It is very important to have a clear goal for each event; with our professional experience in event industry, as well as in-depth understanding of marketing, we start each event planning by determine the real business goal behind it.

The scale of an event is always an important measurement to its success. However, without the right way of promotion, no event can reach out to the target crowd efficiently. That is why we offer various marketing solutions together with our event packages.

Many people say the greatest obstacles for event is to be able to prove its value in the company's business development. Thus we always put it as one of our top priorities to evaluate the event from a business point of view.